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Project Brief

The concept itself was a pathbreaking idea when she decided to make law services online with her partner Sankha Kundu.
The eminent lawyers from Kolkata opened a firm “The Laymans Lawyer”. The dream was to serve anyone without ruining the clients valuable time days after days.  In this digital generation The Laymans Lawyer brought the legal services to the doorsteps of common people.

The first thing they needed was a clean and crisp website and that’s where they came to Infotechsolz. We did some consultation with them to figure out the exact planning and way to make the website.


Challenges Faced

The concept of making legal services online was tough as the challenge was to educate the audience. Since most of the people were not familiar to this type or service they were still comfortable to visit lawyers personally instead of having services online.

Solutions Designed

We had to provide some custom layouts before one of them got selected and we started the development.

The site had to be clean and each section had to be well described to educate the target audience.
All the services had to be mentioned in a well formatted way to ensure it can be legible to the visitors.


Final Deliverables

We build the website, uploaded all the correct content, connected with the Payment Gateway to the correct services. Ran the website through rigorous tests and then made it public to users.

Till date the site has earned a bunch of appreciation notes from various levels. Also it helped the startup to establish much quicker than normal market growth.

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