Elegant Dwelling

Leading interior decorator firm from Kolkata



Project Brief

Elegant Dwelling is one of the leading interior decorator firm from Kolkata, India. They needed a team that can help them to showcase their ongoing and done projects. Being a service provider into luxury homes, they needed a clean and elegant website that feels royale and goes with there image. The website had to have good look and feel projecting their works.


Challenges Faced

The purpose was to make a website that can act as a catalyst to acquire more business and more projects. One of the challenges was that the site needed lots of high resolution pictures and those were not easy to gather.
Beside that, they needed a bunch of contents as well to make the page more filled and SEO friendly.

Also, since there were so many high resolution images, another major challenge was to make the site load fast without deteriorating the images quality.

Solutions Designed

First we provide Sanchita and Champak, the co-owners a bunch of customized themes and templates to choose from. After some mix and matches we were able to settle down to one layout that we selected to move forward.

Beside the design and development team there was a photographer who worked with our designers closely to get the the correct pictures needed to make everything bright and elegant.


Final Deliverables

We made the website. Uploaded all related contents. Adjusted all the images for the projects. At the end when we made the website the achievement was the smile and the satisfaction of the owners.

Beside perfect quality and delivering what the exact requirement is, the client satisfaction is something that Infotechsolz fight for. That’s keep it success

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