What’s the way to create Best Marketing Plan?

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The one thing we can’t stress enough is when it comes to creating a marketing plan: Don’t stress. Creating a strategy is about looking to the cornerstones of your business to help guide the trajectory of your marketing plans. To get started, you need to break down your business to barebones. Ask yourself the following questions

  • Who am I trying to reach?

Who are your likely customers? To best position yourself, first identify those who most directly could benefit from your product and then expand from there.

  • What am I trying to tell or sell them? 

What do you want? Do you want them to buy something, visit a Web site, talk to their friends? Clarify what you want to communicate so you can package your message accordingly.

  • Where is the best place to reach them?

Where are these elusive folks you’re looking to reach? Sporting events? Quilting bees? Again, look specifically to where the most easily attainable consumers are and grow your reach from there.

  • When is the best time to reach them? 

Say your product is a sleeping aid. The morning commute is probably not the best time to try to reach your consumers. When you try to communicate with your audience, when are they most likely to listen?

  • Why would they be interested in my product, brand, or service?

What are you bringing to the table that’s unlike anything else? The answer to this question will help you craft a message that is persuasive and effective.

  • How can I make what I do stand apart from everyone else who does it?

Consider what’s being done by the competition and try to figure out how you can make your efforts outshine those who may be after the same customers.

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