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It’s the story of an entrepreneur who wanted to do something new from her traditional family business.

Fauzia, a lawyer from Guwahati, India, had a dream of an online jewelry business. She was fully motivated and enthusiastic throughout the journey of her success. But the toughest part of her process was to find a proper and serious team to build her dream as a businesswoman. She was totally tired of getting low-quality output from the local developer(She is a resident of Guwahati, India). After getting very high quotations from some top companies she offered her website build to us..

The first thing we offered her is quality and organized way to fulfill her dream. We introduced an experienced team to her, who can execute things properly and obviously on time. Our goal was to combine a smooth user experience with the brand highlighted. We needed to focus on the story of the brand and their products.

Visitors needed to be able to easily search products with a detail filter and see offers and deals ongoing with the products. Also, we were responsible to market her products digitally that fit well with her brand and generate continuous revenue. Acsentials was launching a new branding approach, so, it was important for them to have a modern and stylish website to fit well with current competitive market. 

The new Acsentials website design was a strong digital asset, driving leads and conversions through intuitive navigation and geo-filtered product searching. The strengthened user experience achieves its important goal: making it quick and easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. Elevated site-wide brand storytelling provides additional trust and credibility for their growing brand.

At the end of the development, what we deliver was a priceless smile into her face which was the most important factor besides a lot of traffic to her website and social pages. We deliver her a new brand that can generate revenue as well as attract new customers.

A happy customer really matters for an organization which is dedicated and always passionate for better growth.

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