5 Magical facts that definitely help you to close more sales!

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5 Magical facts that definitely help you to close more sales!

Sales are the most important part of our life. We all know the importance of selling. Your entire lifestyle depends on how great you are at selling. We all are may not be salespeople by profession. But we all do selling for our daily needs.

Salespeople drive the entire economics. Without salespeople, every industry in this planet would stop. Selling is the last great truly free-enterprise opportunity available today. All profession in this world depends on salespeople. You can’t spend your life without doing communication, persuading, negotiating and closing a deal. That is the great salespeople do.

Business in current days is crucial and competitive like never before! Every business badly requires new sales to grow or sometimes to sustain. Every business owners are looking for some great tactics to beat competitor and generate more customers for their business.

Here are 5 magical tricks to become a great salesperson to close more sales.


Allover the world there is a concept that price is the main issue for any unsuccessful sales. But this is not the most important factor for failure sales. Even, the price is one of the bottom reasons for any selling.

True Buyers are always ready to pay the high price but they look for that extra satisfying factor to make that purchase. Your Product should contain that confidence to fulfill buyer’s exact need.

Let’s consider one real-life example. People buy Apple Smartphone for $900 whereas other companies selling similar Smartphone at $300. Buyers always want to fulfill their exact need with that extra satisfying factor. And everyone knows Apple is the most selling Smartphone in the world.

People never consider only price when buying any product, whatever they say it is. People always find the product that he loves and find confidence in it. They only look for solving their complete needs. You can sell a pack of life-saving medicine to a dying person with the last dollar he has with him. Because it will save his life. Similarly, if your product can create love more than the savings he has in the bank, he will pay that price to buy it.


Companies most of the time blame salespeople for lack of product knowledge and give more training. But this is more important to understand the value of the people, over the product. Product knowledge is quite very important for sales but not more than people whom you want to sell. Most salespeople forget that selling is 80 percent people and 20 percent product.

You need to concentrate on the people more because people can think about your idea, your product but the product doesn’t have thinking ability. You can convince people, by thinking as they think, to close the sale. People don’t care about your product knowledge until you care about them, understand them and solve their problem.

Always do detail study on your customer before you start your pitch. Study well on what they actually looking for? What kind of problem can be solved with your product? Is that product can really fulfill that need? What exactly will make them feel good? If you want to provide everything finds what those are? This type of questions you need to ask yourself before you start your pitch.

Next time when you are selling your product, take more interest in the client instead of your product. People only care about himself and his own money. How much you will take care of your customer will increase the chances to close that sale.


There is an old saying “The Customer is Always Right”. Don’t expect anyone to agree with your proposal when you disagree. One of the most important parts of successful sales is agreeing with the customer.

If there is no proper agreement between two parties, there is no relation can build up. Your close friends believe on your though and they agree with you that’s why they stay connected always. Without proper agreement partnership may fail, marriage can break nothing going to happen between two different people.

There is a concept that always both parties need to agree on some point. But that is not correct; it only takes one to agree to avoid any disagreements. In business, it is not true that always your customer will be correct. But agreeing with him at the very first will give you a chance to create an opportunity for sale. It’s better to have a chance instead of nothing.

Agree with your customer and then let him know your idea that will save his money or maybe solve his problem in a better way. At the very first if you agree with your customer it will open a way to discuss more and a great chance to close your deal.

I am continuously practicing this in every situation in life whatever it is business or personal. I strongly suggest you keep practice this make a habit to agree with your opposite party to make a super strong bonding!


As there is a lot of evidence of fake commitment and false data available for salespeople, people don’t trust salespeople at the very first. Newspaper, TV and other media make the situation worse! But the most important factor for new sales is establishing trust in your product and creditability.

The best way to handle your buyer’s distrust is to show proof! People only believe what they see, not what they hear. If you present your proposal, presentation, and price written to your buyers it will build a trust factor on you. Whenever presenting anything to anyone, if that is verbal always attach a written copy along with it or at least a URL that confirms your speech. Show proof, build trust!

Whatever you made the sale or it is failed; it’s completely up to you, not up to buyers. If you want close sales, understand the mind of your customer. How well you can read your customer’s mind, you will be closer to seal the deal. People are run by their mind. So, it is very important to understand that first. To create an impressive trust factor take all the responsibility for the entire sales process, whatever negative or positive situation it went through. Also, never forget to attach a written document of your proposal along with your success stories with the previous customers.


There is a principle that if you give enough in your life, life will give back to you! It works same in business too. Sales are not getting, but rather giving. The true essence in sales is not just getting the sales, but the desire to serve your customers. How much you can give to your customer, they will be more attached to your proposal. If your customer requires 2 options, try to give them 4 or maybe 6.

As an example, if sometimes guest visits our place; we offer them water with an ice and a glass. We never ask for that glass and ice as an option. It’s our culture that tends us to offer in that way. Adopt that culture in terms of selling your product. A happy service will always put a smile on your customer’s face. And you know how much that is important to close a sale.

There are so many restaurants offer a standard meal for a person at $5 but still, people feel more than to have a meal at 5* hotel for $75 a meal. You know what people love most is Service! So, no need to offer the lowest price to make sales. But make sure you can serve your customer best.Whenever you are dealing with a customer, make sure you are putting everything on him. Don’t try to juggle with multiple customers at a time and lose everyone. Whatever makes him feel special and satisfied give it. Fulfill every need to solve his problem in the best way. Always make your customer feel special for your service; your price will not be an issue. Serve special, Deal closed!

So, there are two types of salespeople exist on this planet. One is Amateur and other is Professional. Your aim should be to become the second one. Sales can be tougher, Demand can be reduced, Media can create panic, Price can get lower, but, all these will only happen for the first types of salespeople those are amateur. They may get frustrated. But a professional Salesperson knows how to close a great deal! There is no shortage of amount and no shortage of demand. Everything depends on how skillful professional you are and how much love, dedication and hard work you can include closing a deal!

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