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In InfotechSolz, we are here to give you the efficient information and assistance to make you grow. We have different applications to provide every single requirement you need. Custom Design & Development is one the most important part to deal with Infotechsolz and we help any of our clients to choose the right pattern to grow with all aspects of website design, development, eCommerce  along with the proper strategy and latest technologies which will increase the attraction of the visitors.

It all starts with the requirement and the plan anyone has to make the business successful. Our experts are happy to sit with the requirement and find out the best suitable as per situation. Here are what we do best:
The idea is to be organized in a smooth way that it will look the best as everyone wants to be . Content Management System also known as CMS is of two types. One is Content management application and the other one is Content Delivery Application. The contents are the heart of any website and it is a huge responsibility to update it to provide the client the perfect information. Open Source technology is added in this segment because it utters a standardized application which makes a client’s search more flexible through the form of SEO.

Although the administrators face a multiple number of problems but we create it in a way which is more scalable and flexible in structure and pattern. Expert Consulting is an important part to solve your problems. We have the experts in various fields. You can share your ideas in detail with them and they can add some more with your innovation. Website design, development, eCommerce services are the main USP of the web development section.

Software Requirements Specification will give you the exact knowledge. Except that CMS which is very easy to manage will make the SWOT analysis. Besides these, the steps to prevent the attacks from spammers will also be suggested. Website maintenance is the most responsible job in the entire process.

We have various types of maintenance like eCommerce Web site maintenance, Android Website design and development and Professional Web design services. It is mandatory to portray a handsome and well-designed website to the client which helps to strengthen the identity of the necessary products.

Ecommerce solutions are mainly dealt with the facts like B2B i.e. Business to business format. An eCommerce solution agency has a various ways to guide their clients. We help our clients by identifying the target as well as the customers.

Our main focused frameworks:


  • Tanushree Nandan

    The Infotechsolz team was extremely helpful and professional. We had the best experience while launching our website. Thank you, Team Infotechsolz!  

    Tanushree Nandan

    Managing Partner -Layman's Lawyer

  • Vin McCauley.

    Great Team!

    Vin McCauley.

    President - LevelOneSites

  • Sanchita Banerjee

    Awesome service. Very satisfied. After sale service is also fantastic.

    Sanchita Banerjee

    Owner - Kolkata, India

  • Alejandro Nieves

    They did the job perfect. Absolutely recommended

    Alejandro Nieves

    Author in Vavel - Madrid, Spain

  • Carlosja- FL, USA

    "Excellent. He worked with me all weekend to get a wordpress site up. Will be using him again. Very quick, responsive and knows what he's doing"

    Carlosja- FL, USA

  • Guido, Switzerland

    "Perfect job - couldn´t ask for more! Highly recommended!”

    Guido, Switzerland

    CEO, Rep Global

  • Nieves Javier - Madrid, Spain

    “Customer support is really apreciated, they are very careful with details and very kind company.”

    Nieves Javier - Madrid, Spain

  • Ibraheem Halbouni

    "Really easy and friendly people to work with"

    Ibraheem Halbouni

    Co-Founder 2nd Click & CEO AcrossTheGlobe

  • Ali Rashid

    "Great Team, Excellent to work with,Very patient with listening to feedback and extremely accommodating."

    Ali Rashid

  • Solaris

    "It's always a pleasure to work with Soumyajit, Great Team, keep up the good work"


    CEO -

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