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Unique Cosmetics

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L’UNIQUE Group was founded in 1989 with the goal to introduce a pure mineral based make-up line; a new concept in cosmetics which we believe will dominate the markets in future years. We take pride in the quality we offer to today’s savvy consumers, who not only demand a product that is safe and natural, but one which also enjoys a smart and confident appeal. Our basic and most fundamental aim is to manufacture and sell a product of utmost quality, while delivering a level of service which far exceeds others.Our location being of paramount importance to our line, we are situated in the heart of the Fashion and Cosmetics Capital, PARIS.

About Mineral Make-up:

Our products strictly consist of natural powder which contains 100% pure Mica, extracted from the earth’s crust. It is then introduced between transparent, microscopically-thin sheets and oxidized at various levels to produce the broad line of colour which is available from our line of cosmetics.The minerals sit on the surface of the skin, allowing your pores to breathe. The natural ingredients work with the natural oils in your skin to provide flawless coverage. In addition our products do not contain any dyes, oils, chemicals, fillers, additives or preservatives, making them suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Mica is a 100% Hypoallergenic; it will not clog your pores to create black heads, white heads, acne or any break out in your skin. Although our cosmetic line is not a skin treatment, it will nourish and benefit your skin as it only contains natural minerals, opposed to other big brand products which contain up to 98% fillers and only 2-5% Mica.


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