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“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what customers tell each other.” The whole wide world is going gaga over digital marketing or SMM! Are you there? If you’re yet to make your first digital footprint we suggest you are at the right place.

Internet has huger viewership than television and other electronic s media on today’s date. And the entire credit goes to social media or networks. They all have now become the alternative means of digital marketing media. Digitalization is the flavor of the age. And every seller is focusing this segment mainly for large profits. Do not think much. You may be left behind far in this competitive marketing. Infotechsolz is a well versed agency of digital marketing or SMM. We recommend you what suits you the best and within an unbelievable price.

Pay Per Click

It is a very innovative way to promote your brand on Google by appearing exclusive portion and striking the mind of the viewers. In return of that you have to bear a very minimal cost. But, you can trust its effectiveness. It is very fast creating web traffic. From ecommerce to dynamic and static websites, it benefits all irrespectively.


Infotechsolz brings you the amazing promotional mean of Google that is AdWord. It will on your behalf display your website to your desired pages. In this way you can target a specific group of users and start engaging them in your venture.

Social media pages

Having social network pages is very significant for online marketing. Infotechsolz not only create lavish and attractive pages but also maintain with exclusive importance. And not even limited to that we keep raise the bar of likes, shares, tweets, +1s continuously. We ensure maximum reach of your post within no time along with organic likes. If you want to target youth whether locally, regionally, nationally or globally then you just cannot avoid social media. It is empirical that ignoring social media is synonymous to giving away the ultimate exposure of your business. Additionally, social media offers a limitless scope of association.

New addition- Facebook for Business

We provide you the exclusive service of Facebook for Business. We are among few of them who encompasses all the new advancement first of all. You can avail the best service in India.

Feel free to knock for any queries and suggestion regarding internet promotion activities. Innovation is what we solely believe on because you have to stand out of the lot and be the choice of the consumers. It is our duty to meet your expectation and sometimes even go beyond.

  • Tanushree Nandan

    The Infotechsolz team was extremely helpful and professional. We had the best experience while launching our website. Thank you, Team Infotechsolz!  

    Tanushree Nandan

    Managing Partner -Layman's Lawyer

  • Vin McCauley.

    Great Team!

    Vin McCauley.

    President - LevelOneSites

  • Sanchita Banerjee

    Awesome service. Very satisfied. After sale service is also fantastic.

    Sanchita Banerjee

    Owner - Kolkata, India

  • Alejandro Nieves

    They did the job perfect. Absolutely recommended

    Alejandro Nieves

    Author in Vavel - Madrid, Spain

  • Carlosja- FL, USA

    "Excellent. He worked with me all weekend to get a wordpress site up. Will be using him again. Very quick, responsive and knows what he's doing"

    Carlosja- FL, USA

  • Guido, Switzerland

    "Perfect job - couldn´t ask for more! Highly recommended!”

    Guido, Switzerland

    CEO, Rep Global

  • Nieves Javier - Madrid, Spain

    “Customer support is really apreciated, they are very careful with details and very kind company.”

    Nieves Javier - Madrid, Spain

  • Ibraheem Halbouni

    "Really easy and friendly people to work with"

    Ibraheem Halbouni

    Co-Founder 2nd Click & CEO AcrossTheGlobe

  • Ali Rashid

    "Great Team, Excellent to work with,Very patient with listening to feedback and extremely accommodating."

    Ali Rashid

  • Solaris

    "It's always a pleasure to work with Soumyajit, Great Team, keep up the good work"


    CEO -

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